Ayesha Karim - She can sang oh my goodness. I love the song! It's true it won't be nothin' if you don't do something, this
song is going to be on my Playlist. I'm gonna download it   to my new MP 3 Player I got today soon...

Shelia Beasley - It's been a while since I've seen DaMarra (obviously!) Wow, she is really grown up and still a beautiful,
talented young lady! Thanks for sharing!

Janet Mayes - Omg that video was awesome 2 thumbs up

Wanda Bivins - Beautiful very talented

Danielle M. Smith - Congrats DaMarra Chanel!!!

Theresa Kail Smith - Our District 2 girl, so proud of her!

Vince Sims - It was awesome! I thought I had hit my cd play button when I turned the car on. Then I looked down at my radio
and saw your name. I got all giddy excited. Had to pull over to the side of the road to snap this picture. You are awesome!!!

Tyyme Semita Smith - Ok, Pittsburgh's Princess. I wanted to do an interview with you when I was with WZUM 1590AM but they
shut down before that could happen. I am now with WRCT 88.3FM and I do not have the latest cd  Keep on pressin' forward
PGH Princess.

Mozell S. - Simply beautiful. I am so happy to continue to share in your gift and talent. As an NHEW, Inc. member, I am
confident the scholarship awarded you is well deserved and prayerfully a hand in assisting you in your goals and dreams.

Dr. E. Richardson - I enjoyed your gift. Keep Singing God'z Praises! #YOUAREMEANTFORTHIS

DaMarra sang this song at the recent Bev Smith Challenge African American Women's Conference at the Wyndham in
Pittsburgh.  She brought the house down with her beautiful voice.  So proud of her.   NHEW, Inc.,  nominated her for the
"Youth Champions in the Arts" award through Hill Dance Academy Theater.  Pray she does well, as she

This is Arianna Rouse from second ebenezer missionary baptist church. I got the cd's you sent me. Thanks. I love all your
music. You are an amazing artist. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

hestertainment on Instagram: Gospel Singer Damarra Chanel did an excellent job with The Star Spangled Banner at the
Highmark Walk For A Healthy Community in Pittsburgh.  

Your voice is absolutely amazing. God has certainly blessed you with a gift beyond measure. I would love to have you at my  
church on a regular to sing if it be God's plan!!!  From Min. Ronnel Hunt,

DaMarra Chanel I listen to your cds every day, it starts my day each time.  May God continue to bless you.  

WOW, Great job  on the "Inside Job"  Calvin Penny

CAPA graduate DaMarra Chanel took the stage and brought the house down with the latest
Steals Brothers Classic entitled “Nothing Without You.”  Urban Impact